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Knowing what to tell us before and during our first few meetings can be one of the most essential steps in our business relationship. There are many different ways to achieve similar ends with SAP’s procurement software, so making the right choices from the start can be vital.

Knowing what to ask for and tell us can, however, be confusing. We’re working on a short series of articles to help de-mistify our products and services, and make it easier to know how to express your procurement software needs.

What are you looking for

The digital procurement landscape can be confusing at the best of times. I’m not just talking about the huge number of different features and functions. Even if you think you know what you’re looking for, often you can get versions of the desired feature from more than one solution, even more than one solution from the same provider.

Add to this the complexity of integrating or migrating from any existing third-party suppliers, and you can end up facing a complex landscape. While it’s essential that you choose the right partner to help you map out your next digital procurement moves, it’s also vital that you know what to tell potential consulting partners so they know how to help you.

Regardless of your current options and opinions, some vital research and self-assessment at this early stage is needed if you are to get the support and services your organization needs. The more forthcoming you are, the better we will be able to serve you.

What we need to know about you:

Ultimately there are as many potential checklists as there are clients. Certainly, it’s possible to create more than one checklist per client and per product. Our team of expert consultants here at SapienceS2P know a huge about both SAP Procurement, and about digital procurement solutions in general.

While we’re more than capable of digging into your company history and/or doing more direct research into your business, we’ll learn more hearing from you directly. From a few simple initial questions through to more complex decision-making trees, it’s vital that we get the right information.

Contract Management Example:                                               

A good example of this is contract management. Looking at current and recently retired options offers you three SAP choices for procurement contract management, plus the opportunity to integrate with third-party systems to create an even broader set of integration options for your procurement team.

With all of this going on, we need the answers to the right questions if we are to help you choose the right software. A good example of why this is needed can be found in this article about contract management.

I’ve chosen contract management to illustrate the point because these days it’s a common focal point for procurement and supply chain decision makers. A brief look shows us that depending on your needs you can choose between SAP Ariba Contract Management and SAP S/4 Hana for Enterprise Contract Management.

Additionally, your organization may still be running any number of legacy contract management functions such as the retired SAP Contract Lifecycle Management, or indeed any number of SAP and non-SAP alternatives. In the example, it’s clear you and your consulting team will need to have assessed your needs thoroughly enough to identify your contract management needs precisely.

Not just contract management

Our consulting team needs to assess your business processes and make sure we’re offering you the best possible combination of products to achieve your goals. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re looking for a new solution or upgrading an old one – the key here is making sure your set-up is right.

The series of articles we’re planning on this topic should help you identify just what it is your business needs, and how to ask us for it.

SAP Ariba procurement cloud migration

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If you’re ready to speak to us, get in touch by calling +442080780820 or emailing info@sapiences2p.com. If not, we’ll be covering some key aspects of the decision-making process and how to help us pick the best procurement solution for you over the next few blog posts.

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