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Rise with SAP is rapidly expanding to inlcude more customers than ever but is it right for everyone?


If you deal with SAP or enterprise business transformation in any way during your say-to-day work, chances are you’ve come across SAP’s relatively recent “Rise with SAP” campaign. Designed to simplify the transition to a smart enterprise using the latest SAP S/4 Hana Cloud ERP solutions.

Why S/4 Hana?

The last few years have been tough, with the global Covid-19 pandemic and economic and military conflicts around the world. At the same time, SAP has been working to consolidate many of their core solutions, while resolving some of the main customer satisfaction issues raised by existing customers.

Is Rise with SAP an Essential Part of Business Transformation?

Rise has a lot of big advantages, and the whole system has been really well thought out to facilitate the move to the latest SAP S/4 Hana Cloud. However, any experienced SAP consultant will recognise the tasks and methods they have been using for years in the Rise framework.

Things like the SAP Readiness Check for S/4 Hana are stand-alone and available to all consultants and developers. In some ways, Rise is invaluable. When you look at the partners that deliver Rise alongside SAP they are the same big-name providers that often have inexperienced consultants that will benefit from a clear framework for their projects.

For more experienced SAP consultants, the freedom to create their own upgrade pathways can be far more valuable, saving time and money (especially for complex clients). The framework can also speed up the whole process. In fact, it can help less experienced teams from the larger SAP partners compete better with smaller, more agile consultancies made up of more experienced team members. Those smaller consultancies are already able to start and deploy projects faster than the bigger names.  

Getting the most out of digital transformation means being able to access features that can respond to real-world situations in real time, and SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise solutions either rely on or benefit greatly from S/4 Hana integration.

Things like the Sustainability Dashboard, and various live supply chain resilience tools all rely on S/4 Hana’s in-depth data monitoring and processing capabilities. Without the right software backbone, none of these complex functions will work.

About Rise with SAP – For Customers? For Developers and Software Consultants?

“Rise” offers a lot to both customers and approved SAP partners in a simple framework designed to lead clients in any situation through SAP’s growth and transformation roadmaps towards a core S/4 Hana deployment with all the necessary add-ons for them to benefit most from the system.

The Rise platform doesn’t just help customers; there’s a whole list of partner-delivered services built into the programme at every level – making Rise a fantastic boost for partners with the right resources and credentials.

Is Rise for everyone?

Prospective business clients that fall within a few key parameters will be the ones to get the most out of Rise. For the rest, it’s important to remind yourself that despite its enormous scope and flexibility, Rise with SAP is at its core an ‘off-the-peg’ solution, albeit one with a vast scope when it comes to options and services. This means there will always be a portion of SAP customers that Rise with SAP suits less well.


Promises, promises…but is Rise the only way to reach these targets?

Rise is very careful with its promises, claiming subscribers will gain around 20% reduction in TCO over 5 years.  Of course, whether these figures sound good or not will largely depend on your organisation’s previous results. That said, Rise isn’t the only way to get these sorts of returns, and as you can see from the list above lots of companies have priorities that clash with the way Rise works.

The Future of SAP Software and Rise with SAP

As Rise with SAP becomes more established, it will become more accessible to both customers and SAP partners. However, there will continue to be a segment of customers who aren’t suited to what Rise offers for one reason or another. At the same time an increasing number of SAP customers will have already made the move to the latest cloud applications, taking them beyond what Rise offers (at least at the moment).

If you like the look of Rise with SAP, but are unsure whether your business is right for it, get in contact with SapienceS2P and we will give you an unbiased report on whether you should go with Rise for your digital transformation, or should work with us using a more bespoke transformation plan.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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