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Improve ROI on your SAP SRM deployment with SRM Easy Help


What is SRM Easy Help?

“SRM Easy Help” is an add-on for SAP SRM. Certified by SAP, it offers a range of new features that work together with your existing SAP SRM software to reduce costs and enhance productivity. If you’re an SAP SRM customer, it’s a must-have add-on.

Supporting both on-premise and cloud deployment, it can rapidly make noticeable differences to how much value you can derive from your SAP SRM estate, brings down SRM support costs, and empowers your business/purchasing helpdesk to be less depended on your IT support team.

Increasing efficiency and automating SAP SRM: What can Easy Help do?

SAP SRM Easy Help assists SRM support staff achieve better efficiency by providing them with a wide range of ready-to-use tools for automation (RPA) and analytics. It also adds improved controls that make customer service much easier. The “SRM Easy Help” add-on can help reduce support staff requirements while reducing ownership cost and improving customer service and service delivery.

SAP SRM operational support automation means better service delivery

Automation is a key part of many different operational support use cases. It’s a great way to reduce effort and achieve better service deliver. While SAP SRM is a highly stable system, evolving operational changes mean SRM support departments are frequently tied up processing “Service Requests”.

“SRM Easy Help” enables support staff to be able to automate many different scenarios, reducing the pressure on support staff and helping achieve better service delivery.

How does SRM Easy Help support end users?

The SRM Easy Help add-on helps automate end-user processes, enhancing staff efficiency. At the same time, it increases throughput and frees staff up from repetitive, error-prone tasks. It better supports remote sites with poor connectivity. By focussing on automation, analytics and business controls, SAP SRM Easy Help improves things for onsite and offsite staff working at any level.

Why invest in SAP SRM? Is it worthwhile making improvements?

Some decision-makers might worry about investing in SAP SRM, given it has an end-of-support date from SAP in 2027 (with extended support until 2030). The truth is, this makes it more important than ever for existing SAP SRM users to get the most out of their investment and extract better value from the SAP SRM solution landscape.

By making the right type of investment in this sunsetting but still very popular product, organisations can delay bigger migrations with their associated high CapEx costs, while still offering big improvements and enhanced staff productivity.

How long does it take to add SRM Easy Help to your SAP SRM system?

SRM Easy Help is designed as a rapid deployment plug-in solution that doesn’t need a major project to get it up and running. An out-of-the-box solution could take as little as 8-10 weeks to reach production deployment. Get in touch with one of our representatives to learn more.

What features can SRM Easy Help offer?

This easily deployed add-on is designed to be plug-and-play with SAP SRM for quick and easy set up and deployment. If you want to make your SAP SRM deployment more “active and smart”, choosing SRM Easy Help is the best way to do so.

Some key features include:

  • SRM Easy Help is an SAP certified product developed by SAP partner company
  • SRM Easy Help seamlessly integrates with SAP’s Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) solution
  • It’s an ABAP bolt-on solution for SAP SRM that doesn’t require any additional infrastructure
  • There are no separate database requirements, offering an SAP GUI look and feel for easy adoption and lower training costs
  • SRM Easy Help comes with a range of test cases and tested business scenarios for quick and easy adoption

What are some of the business benefits SRM Easy Help can offer?

SAP Certified SRM Easy Help offers a range of benefits any decision-maker would be happy to take responsibility for:

  • Improved ROI on SAP SRM and the team members that use it
  • Better staff productivity
  • Lower average cost of ownership for SAP SRM and associated systems
  • Extends the life of SAP SRM, allowing you to better plan any eventual upgrade
  • Enhanced user experience and service delivery through SAP SRM
  • Gives you time to better align your business and IT strategy as you work towards 2027/2030
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